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Parents are always looking for ways they can help their children at home. Below are some links that can help you and your child practice some of the basic skills needed to be successful at school.


One of the best things you can do is to ask your child to read to you! Listen for the following things:

  • How fluently does your child read? Does it sound like he or she is laboring, or does it sound very natural?
  • Does your child stop and make good attempts to say (decode) words they don’t understand? If they don’t, ask them to sound out the letter sounds in order to blend them together to say the word.
  • Can your child tell you what has happened after they have read?
  • Can your child answer questions about the story WITHOUT looking back in the book?
  • Can your child identify characters and talk about the relationships between the characters?
  • When you ask your child about the book, ask them to prove their answer to you by looking back in the book for the answer and show you where it is!

Literacy Links

Phonics Links





Social Studies (biographies for kids)

Art (Art Express) (Inside Art) (online student art museum)